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Splix.io Map

Splix.io game features Splix.io, a multiplayer online game has gathered millions of crowd in few days. This game has been designed especially for the game addicts, no matter you belong which age group. Splix.io lets the player color the game board with the chosen color and captures the entire field dodging the rivals. Moving the ball with arrow keys becomes …

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Splix.io server games

All about Splix.io server game for the players Splix.io is a multiplayer game for the online gamers where the players is required to slide the colored ball to conquer the land as much as possible and enlarge the area using the 4 arrows to win the leadership board. The area which you conquer is your, but the opponent may get …

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Splix.io Mods

Info on mods in Splix.io    Splix.io Mods are going to be of help to players in gaining enhanced experiences and explore astonishing features and also make use of them in getting the better of challenges that the Splix.io online game throws at you. This is one more addictive multiplayer game by the use of “io” extension. The Mods of …

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