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About is another breathtaking io game that is exactly like slither. However, you play as a healthy-looking worm type character instead of playing as a snake and kill enemies with a trail as opposed to your body. What makes Limax unique is that size doesn’t mean some players are stronger, even the smallest players can tackle the top scorers through tactical play!

How to play Limax

In the Limax game arena, you start off as a little glow worm and consume food orbs that naturally develop around the map or food abandoned by players so as to gain weight and turn into a larger worm. As you build up size, you gain score. The ultimate goal is to attain that number 1 spot on the leaderboard thereby making sure people don’t understand how to mess with your worm skills! To be able to kill another player in this game, your boost trail has to connect with their head, since only your trail can kill. This means it is not harmful to go through other players body and this can enable some amazing outplays.


If you want to navigate your worm in this game, you simply make use of your mouse cursor to control it and utilize left click to boost your character’s speed or leave a dangerous trail behind you.

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