If you love, you are going to love Glor too. You have to survive and build your base stronger than all the rest. Defend it from others.

How to Play GLOR.IO

Gather all the resources that are around you, build strong walls and doors to protect yourself.

Kill animals, gather eggs, and plant beds to get resources for food.

You can also create helpers, peasants, guards, mercenaries, and others. You need to watch out for the other players and wolves.

You can also be part of or create a clan. To do that just click the “create party link” which you can find in the bottom of the page. You can use the link and send it to your friends to help them join.

You need to have as much gold as possible. The more gold you have the better reputation you are going to have. You can build towers to generate and extract more and more gold.

You can enhance the speed of your progress by having units that you can hire.



The controls are very easy for this game.

To move you just have to press W, A, S, D or arrows on the keyboard. It’s your preference, the controls respond the same.

To look around you can simply use your mouse. The character will follow the movement of your mouse or cursor.

You can select the building to upgrade them. To do so you can either use the keyboard buttons 1-9. Or you can just click on the building icon itself.

To attack you will have to use the left mouse button. You can do the same if you want to pick up something.

You can also chat with the players, to do so, just press return.


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