How to Play


Deeeep is one of the most played free for all games. The game is based in the ocean. If you like playing Mope, you are going to love this game too. The main objective that you have to follow in this game is to get on top of the food chain. You have to dominate the water. You start off in the water as a very small creature, you can select the creature that you want. But as you are playing, you have to gain xp and evolve into a much bigger animal. Only this way, you can survive.

How to play

In the deep underwater world, you only have to survive. It is hard when you start off, because the water is filled with animals with a higher rank and can kill you at any moment. The best way to make sure that you survive is to consume as much food as possible. By doing that, you will gain XP and evolve into a bigger animal. You are going to get different abilities as you evolve. You also have to keep an eye on the oxygen meter too. There are some animals that aren’t too fit for water, they have to get air to survive. For example, if you are a seagull, you would have to fly up in the air, out of the water to survive. One of the things that you have to keep in mind that you can be eaten by anything that has a bigger size than you. This specific rule doesn’t apply to sharks though.


The controls are very easy and basic. You just have to use your mouse to navigate where to go. You can get a boost in your speed by pressing spacebar, but it wouldn’t be for much long. You can use it to get away from the predators really fast.


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