How To Play Starve.io

About Starve.io This game is about surviving the cold and hunger by making items! Collect resources as much as possible in order to combat the cold of the night by constructing a campfire, feed yourself and create a garden by planting seeds. Craft your sword, attack other players or choose to live with them! How to Play Starve.io Use WASD …

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Slither.io Skins

The most important thing you notice when you are playing your favourite snake game is the snakeskin that is as attractive as the game it. It is your identity and lets you identify your snake out of the competing one and stay safe with it. Playing with just one skin all the time is not that good idea, you do …

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The importance of splix.io game

how to splix.io reduce lags

Splix.io a multiplayer game has achieved great fame in present time. The game is all about acquiring lands and nothing more than that. It’s really doing great. Even you can also share and play this game with your friends. More about splix.io: A new madness of games has appeared which has stolen the attention of millions of online players. Splix.io …

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The different features of splix.io mods

The different features of splix.io mods Splix.io a multiplayer game is all about conquering lands one after another. The game seems to be a bit tough at the initial stage but within a short time it becomes very interesting and amazing. Furthermore the game is also assisted with three mods. Some more information about splix.io: The game is assisted with …

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Which is the best Splix.io mod?

stop cell mods

Splix.io is the most popular multiplayer game in recent times. People get addicted in playing this game. If you are a beginner it may appear a bit confusing to you but in the long run the game will become very interesting and amazing. The best splix.io mod: Now let’s see which of the three mod appears to be easier for …

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Splix.io and its three Mods

As discussed earlier Splix.io is a multiplayer game in which you can acquire as much land as you can. Apparently the game appears to be quite confusing but generally it becomes very interesting and amazing. Advantages of splix.io game: Now let’s have some look on the basic advantages of splix.io mode. Initially it can be said that these mod has …

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Splix.io –the most wonderful game its importance

In fact you must know about Splix.io. It is quite common these days. In other words it has gained a lot of reputation. Today let us gather some more information about this wonderful game. What is Splix.io? : Before entering into any discussion let us clear what is this game about. Spix.io is basically a very interesting multiplayer game where …

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Splix.io tips

Launch of splix.io has millions of attractions Splix.io has no left behind a single game addict to enter into the game levels and capture their colored territories on the map. The player slides down the map and uses the four arrow keys, i.e. the up and down keys to move upwards and downwards respectively and the left – right arrows …

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Splix.io Map

Splix.io game features Splix.io, a multiplayer online game has gathered millions of crowd in few days. This game has been designed especially for the game addicts, no matter you belong which age group. Splix.io lets the player color the game board with the chosen color and captures the entire field dodging the rivals. Moving the ball with arrow keys becomes …

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Splix.io lag problems

Splix.io lag

Splix.io lag problems continues It is an incontrovertible fact that the splix.io game has ushered in the area of gaming platform giving the players control power which is not tough to handle. Millions of people have entered the gaming servers to get a chance to play this online game. However due to server crash or unstable connection the lag problems …

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