Playing Agario Game is possibly amongst the simplest and most habit forming time-wasting games online at the present. If you are yet to give this Chrome browser game a try while having heard your pals going crazy over it, then below is a few facts on what this game is all about. Go through it and you’ll have a general idea of this game that has become a more and more popular ever since it came into being.

Agario happens to be a quite straightforward and complimentary browser based game that is available at

How to play it

agario play  is quite simple. You in essence visit and opt for any user name. Having done this you’ll find yourself on top of a grid/ board in the form of a minuscule colored blob. The purpose of the game’s the consumption of smaller pellets lying about for gaining mass, while keeping off the great blobs. If any of these great blobs absorbs you your game comes to an end.

Having started getting sufficiently large you’ll really be capable of starting absorbing additional smaller blobs preset and gaining mass. Thus, you have to eat and keep away from getting eaten.